Ultimate WordPress Website Online Course by Andrew Martinez

Ultimate WordPress Website Online Course

Create your own professional website (without touching a line of code) within one weekend.

How would you like to go from ideas on paper to launching your own beautiful, professional website WITHOUT hiring anyone?

This course shows you how.

If you're a service based solopreneur, startup, or other independent entrepreneur who has been meaning to establish their own online presence, then you've come to the right place!

No prior knowledge & no techie skills needed.

Tell me if any of this resonates with you...

  • You've tried watching videos on YouTube to learn how to build a WordPress website, but you feel like you're getting nowhere
  • You may have invested in a Kindle book, Udemy course, or other resource for learning WordPress website creation, but these resources were too long, too confusing, and/or didn't really give a clear step by step plan (adding to your frustration)
  • You've given other website builders a try (such as Wix or Weebly) but keep getting stuck and/or could use some extra guidance on what goes into making your own professional website
  • You are NOT tech savvy and don't like the idea of dealing with any code
  • You feel lost, overwhelmed, and/or don't even know where to begin

If you said "yes" to any of the above, then you're in the right place!

Success Stories

If you’ve always wanted to have your own professional website worth showing off and ultimately…

  • Increase your credibility
  • Grow your business
  • Have your own online 24/7 sales & marketing rep
  • Avoid paying someone at least $1,000 to build your website for you (and thus better invest your funds)
  • Have that sense of accomplishment knowing that you achieved a personal milestone of creating your own website without hiring someone
... then this course is for you!

What makes this Ultimate WordPress Website Online Course different?

Unlike some of the current courses, Kindle books, and other resources out there:
  • this course is structured more like a step by step game plan rather than an encyclopedia
  • while you'll still learn about the different elements of website creation and why they're important, the focus is on action - helping you create and launch your own website sooner rather than later
  • after you go through the course and create your own website, as a bonus I will review your website to make sure it's beautiful, professional, and worth showing off to the world (your success is very important to me)

My Mission

To provide you a step by step game plan to take you from ...


  • overwhelmed
  • lost
  • confused
  • missing out on potential opportunities (due to no website)

To all this:

  • having a beautiful, professional website that works on your behalf 24/7
  • hearing prospects and clients complement you on your nice looking website
  • generating more leads, more sales, and more business growth
  • overall having that sense of status and accomplishment knowing that you achieved a personal milestone for your business and yourself 

What will I learn?

In this 10 module program, you are getting a step by step game plan that will take you from planning your website to launching your website.
Here is a bird's eye view of that step by step game plan:

Module 1: Plan Your Website

  • How to choose the right colors and fonts for your website (and overall brand)
  • How to create a simple style guide
  • We’ll also fill out a website planning worksheet to nail down your online goals, which web pages you’ll need, etc.
  • Once you have your style guide and worksheet completed, you’ll then have your own “website blueprint”

Module 2: Register Your Domain

  • What a domain is
  • Why I recommend NameCheap
  • Which “extras” you’ll need (and which ones to ignore) when registering your domain

Module 3: Set Up Your Hosting

  • What hosting is
  • Why I recommend SiteGround
  • How to purchase and set up your SiteGround account

Module 4: Install WordPress

  • What WordPress is
  • Why I highly recommend it
  • How to install it within your SiteGround account
  • Username and password do’s and don’ts (if you make this one specific mistake, then you increase your chances of getting hacked!)

Module 5: Install WordPress Theme

  • What a theme is
  • Why I recommend the Divi theme from Elegant Themes
  • How to install Divi on your new WordPress website
NOTE: I own a license from Elegant Themes that lets me install Divi on an unlimited number of personal and client websites. When you become a paying student, that makes you one of my clients ;)

Module 6: Install WordPress Plugins

  • What plugins are
  • The top plugins I recommend for your WordPress website
  • Plugin best practices

Module 7: Back End Set Up

  • How to install a free SSL certificate (something that will give your website that ‘https’ encryption and why this is important)
  • How to optimize your Divi theme options
  • What a 404 page is and how to put one in place
  • How to make sure the rest of your WordPress admin dashboard is optimized

Module 8: Set Up Your Google Account

  • How to set up your own professional email (info@mycoolwebsite.com) with just your gmail account and hosting account
  • Why else it’s a good idea to set up a gmail just for your website (such as for setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools)

Module 9: Moving to the Front End - Building the Website Itself

  • First you’ll start off with how to build a simple 5 page brochure website (Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog)
  • Example templates of each web page (to help inspire you and reduce writer’s block)
  • Why you also need a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and how to put these in place (especially to ensure your website is GDPR compliant)
  • How to create beautiful headers and footers
  • Best practices when designing your own web pages (to ensure your website comes across as beautiful and professional)
  • In the advanced website lessons you’ll learn how to incorporate an email autoresponder (using MailerLite), an appointment setting platform (using Calendly), and other cool website effects for really wowing your visitors

Module 10: Prepare to Launch

  • We’ll go over a website checklist to make sure you cover all your bases and get your website ready to show off to the world
  • This also includes making sure your Google Analytics is properly in place

After everything is said and done, you will have a beautiful and professional website ready to share with the world.

This course includes

🔑 Immediate access to all content
📄 Website planning worksheet
✅ 3 checklists (for website launch, ongoing website care, and a master checklist)
🎦 At least 5 hours of actionable video content
💥 Action items at the end of each module

Who is teaching this course?

Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Andrew Martinez and I’m a WordPress Website Consultant in San Antonio, TX. I have been helping service based solopreneurs, startups, and other independent entrepreneurs establish their online presence since 2014. You can learn about some of my past happy clients here.

I have completed many new website creation projects and website makeover projects. I’m aware of the most common mistakes that can happen when going the DIY route, and I want to help you avoid those mistakes.

I’ve had a number of prospects and clients encourage me to create a guide on how to build your own WordPress website. This Ultimate WordPress Website Course is all about giving you the action plan you need to go from ideas on paper to a live, professional website that is fast, secure, and search engine optimized.

What is the investment?

Keep in mind that most web developers will try to charge you at least $1,000 for a basic 5 page "online brochure" website.
If I were putting this together for a private client, I could certainly ask for at least $500. HOWEVER, I wouldn't ask this from you. Not even $200.

Here's a recap of everything you're getting:
1. The step by step game plan to take you from website planning to live, professional WordPress website ($500 value)
2. Unlimited email support ($200 value)
3. Your A to Z Guide to the Most Common Online Terms ($40 value)
4. pdf on how to generate website traffic ($40 value)
5. pdf on how to monetize your website ($40 value)
6. Free website evaluation ($80 value)

As you can see, I could easily charge $900 for all this.

HOWEVER, for an investment of just $149 - or 3 payments of $59 - you can have access to everything listed above.

How would it feel to (finally) go from ideas on paper to a live, professional website that is fast, secure, and search engine optimized?

Not ready to take the plunge?

I invite you to have a small sample of my online course in case you're not ready to make the investment today.
I created a FREE 3 day series called "How to Plan Your Website Blueprint". You can think of it like a small sample of the first Module (website planning) of my course.
If you prefer to plan out the details of your website for now, just click the button below to get started.
I'll Plan My Website for Now


Will I need to buy anything else after investing in your course?

After you officially become one of my students and begin your website creation journey, here's a small list of what else you should be prepared to invest in:
  • Domain (www.nameofyourwebsite.com): $10 - $20 per year
  • Hosting (the "virtual landlord" for your website): $5 - $20 per month
Although you are welcome to purchase your domain and hosting from anywhere, I strongly recommend NameCheap for your domain and SiteGround for your hosting. I have used these providers for my personal and client projects with virtually no issues.
As you'll see in the course, I will walk you through purchasing your domain from NameCheap and hosting from SiteGround. I will also show you how to get the most out of your NameCheap and SiteGround accounts.

I can find YouTube videos and other free resources on building my own WordPress website. Why should I invest in your course?

This is a very good point - many free resources do exist on creating your own WordPress website. However, most of the time these resources offer "helpful but incomplete" content. In other words, you would most likely have to keep searching different videos (or other resources) in order to have everything you need to build your website.

When you invest in my course, you're not just investing in mere information. You are investing in a step by step game plan to help you create your own fast and secure website that is professional and worth showing off. Rather than teach you every little thing about building your website, I only teach you what you need to get your website up and running within one weekend or less. Furthermore, your investment includes my time and expertise in the form of unlimited email support as well as support within the Facebook group.

One other thing: as one of my students, you'll have the bonus of me evaluating your website for free once it's finished (something I normally charge my clients at least $40 for, but not for my students). Good luck finding a blogger or YouTuber who will evaluate your website after you consume their content ;)

What's the difference between building a website with WordPress and one with Wix, Weebly, or other similar platform?

Although Wix, Weebly, and other similar platforms do make it easy to build a website without touching any HTML, CSS, or other coding, they do have their limitations. The biggest one would be that when you build a website on one of these platforms, they own your content. If their systems were to shut down - or if they decided to close their doors and shut down for good - then your website would go down with them. 

Whereas with a self hosted WordPress website (which this course will teach you how to create), you have your own online space. You have full control over your website and content. You also have plenty of flexibility.

What's the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

Wordpress.com is an online blogging platform and wordpress.org is the open source (free) software that you install onto your domain. Wordpress.com is a great option if you're looking to start a blog as a hobby and have no intention of selling any products or services. However, if you're serious about the long term success of your business and want to get the most out of your online presence, then you'll want the self hosted website with the wordpress.org software installed.